Our Story

My name is Mike Mahedy, I am the founder and creator of Flagtime™. My entire career has been spent working in the automotive repair industry. Through the years as a technician and a shop owner, helping people with automotive problems and solutions, there have been many rewarding experiences.

However, as we all know it is usually an inconvenient and unexpected expense when a car breaks down. Therefore as a repair man in many cases, I felt like the bearer of bad news when having to contact a customer with an estimate and the cost to repair the vehicle.

After years of this, being the bearer of bad news, I decided to invent a product and service that consumers could enjoy. I wanted to make something that people would feel good about spending their hard earned money on.

I recently achieved this goal by developing a Smart Banner Display. The entire concept was based on my desire to show my pride and loyalty to my country and my favorite sports teams.

No matter what you love, Flagtime™ is a revolutionary new device I invented that will make it fun and simple to show your pride!